DESTACADOS | Olympique Lyonnais vs. Chelsea (Liga de Campeones Femenina de la UEFA 2022-23)

22 de marzo de 2023 — Olympique Lyonnais vs. Chelsea Resumen de la ida de los cuartos de final de la UEFA Women’s Champions League. Suscríbete en YouTube y mira la UEFA Women’s Champions League gratis 👉 Sigue nuestros canales sociales 👇 Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Suscríbete a DAZN 👉 #DAZN #UWCL #Football #soccer 00:00:00 – Inicio 00:00:14 – Disparo de Eugénie Le Sommer 00:00:49 – Pase de Lindsey Horan 00:01:03 – Disparo de Eugénie Le Sommer 00:01:18 – Gol de Guro Reiten 00:02:16 – Defensa de Melanie Leupolz 00:02: 23 – Defensa de Wendie Renard 00:02:30 – Disparo de Lauren James 00:03:06 – Defensa de Millie Bright 00:03:19 – Defensa de Damaris Egurrola 00:03:32 – Disparo de Sara Däbritz 00:04: 00 – Disparo de Sam Kerr 00:04:09 – Pase de Melanie Leupolz 00:04:21 – Descanso 00:04:30 – Atajada de Christiane Endler 00:04:53 – Falta de Erin Cuthbert 00:05:05 – Amonestación de Erin Cuthbert 00:05:21 – Disparo de Delphine Cascarino 00:06:01 – Disparo de Guro Reiten 00:06:19 – Defensa de Magdalena Eriksson 00:06:31 – Disparo de Ellie Carpenter 00:06:48 – Defensa de Vanessa Gilles 00:06:56 – Disparo de Sam Kerr 00:07:33 – Disparo de Daniëlle van de Donk 00:08: 04 – Defensa de Niamh Charles 00:08:15 – Disparo de Johanna Rytting Kaneryd 00:08:29 – Tiempo completo

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35 respuestas a DESTACADOS | Olympique Lyonnais vs. Chelsea (Liga de Campeones Femenina de la UEFA 2022-23)

  1. Sam Greening dijo:

    im going to watch the second leg 😊😊😊

  2. Deon Denisevic dijo:

    Lauren has been hitting the post so much,,,so unlucky at times😭😭😭

  3. Bltzhunter dijo:

    Why Tf were they always falling down when shooting

  4. Huafang Hu dijo:


  5. Bennyhousemedia dijo:

    Why is this Emma Hayes not managing the male team. Clearly she knows what she's doing more than Graham potter knows what he's supposed to do

  6. Wolfgang Scorpio dijo:

    I don't understand why these women take these "feeble" long-distance shots, which are mostly easily scooped up by the keeper, instead of teamplay in the penalty box.

  7. Micah Shehu dijo:

    Is Chelsea things

  8. Watashi_Tv dijo:


  9. Rai Marichaman dijo:

    This is a English club 💪

  10. Real madrid dijo:


  11. Abolaji Ayinde dijo:

    Am proud of the ladies 💙💙💙

  12. Abolaji Ayinde dijo:

    Am proud of the ladies 💙💙💙

  13. TheWorldsMoralMiddleFinger dijo:

    🤘 ⚽ 🤘

  14. Ben V dijo:

    Chelsea by far the better team. Lauren and Cuthbert are impressive!

  15. H_CROW dijo:

    Who's putting Thailand flag on Lyon kit?

  16. Dusan Stanisic dijo:

    A brilliant match from both sides. The highlights don't show how well lyon played, chelsea had to withstand a lot of pressure. This will go down the wire, with a lot of twists and turns.

  17. Miss.A dijo:

    Like brother like sister 🔥 James family is 💙

  18. Boickie Vilho dijo:

    The men's team needs to learn from such performances

  19. พิเชษฐ เรืองพานิชย์ dijo:

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @Chelsea Football Club ⚽️💙

  20. mohd izzuddin dijo:

    what a player Lauren James is. is she reece James sister tho?

  21. Aliyu Yahaya dijo:

    I'll say this about the goal – it was great. But the assist – beautiful, splendid … genius.

  22. María Jorquera dijo:

    Ada Hegerberg?!!!!!!

  23. Cleondre Ferron dijo:

    My team Chelsea congrats

  24. Darlingtonbaby dijo:

    Omo Chelsea women Dey play ball oo see the way she curve the ball like Mbappe 👏👏

  25. Gianpaolo Di Lallo dijo:

    Come on Chelsea!!

  26. Flux dijo:

    Lyon being the current champions is baffling.
    It’s also frustrating how both teams try to score screamers with poor accuracy when there are open teammates waiting for the ball

  27. Elita Simamba dijo:

    I wasted that 6 odds😔, love u more girls😊😊

  28. Victoria Braden dijo:

    Lauren James makes it seem so effortless

  29. Vishrut Shenoy dijo:

    What a performance from Chelsea 💙🔥

  30. prince khan rs dijo:


  31. Frauenfussballhub dijo:


  32. abioye abioye dijo:

    What a goal from Reitan.
    Lyon goalkeeper don't know she can use her right leg also

  33. RoyaleBlue1905 _ dijo:

    Cuthbert-Reitan is the new Kerr-Kirby. Been that way for a while. 10/10 chemistry.

  34. Kwaku Adu-Yeboah dijo:

    lauren james can play both feet

  35. chelseacharger dijo:

    Was a strange match with a lot of nervy play. Both sides can play much better than they did here. Emma likes the team to play on the break against certain opponents and I suppose with Reiten, Kerr and James up front, they are very dangerous. But the defence and midfield need to be calm too. Gave the ball away in bad positions a bit too often. Still, a very handy win. Hopefully Bright's injury isn't too bad.

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