UEFA Champions League – Los mejores octavos de final de la Champions League

UEFA Champions League The Greatest Champions League Octavos de Final Napoli 5 – 0 E.Frankfurt Real Madrid 6 – 2 Liverpool FC Porto 0 – 1 Inter Manchester City 8 – 1 RB Leipzig Tottenham 0 – 1 AC Milan Bayern Muchen 3 – 0 PSG Chelsea 2 – 1 Dortmund Benfica 7 – 1 Club Brugge ⚽️ Suscríbete a NFWorld: ⚽️ Ver más en: UEFA Champions League – NFWorld👉🏻 Premier League NFWorld👉🏻 Copa del Mundo – NFWorld👉🏻 Football Parody Stories👉🏻 NEW FOOTBALL WORLD👉🏻 NFWorld fue creado por nosotros… Para videos cortos que no son de YouTube, adelantos, imágenes, detrás de escena, encuestas, elecciones de fanáticos, actualizaciones y más, sígueme en: ▶️ ¡Gracias por mirar!

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23 respuestas a UEFA Champions League – Los mejores octavos de final de la Champions League

  1. NFWorld dijo:

    UEFA Champions League The Greatest Champions League Last 16

  2. Venord carl henry Ambroise dijo:


  3. khonevilay Pathammavong dijo:

    crowd boocheers 2:39

  4. Sifa Abedi dijo:

    Paye moi un peux guy

  5. Antoine Arshan canada dijo:

    Bayern munich go home

  6. Antoine Arshan canada dijo:


  7. Patricio Kiffen dijo:


  8. Paulo Caetano dijo:

    that inter-porto was the other way around on both matches xD

  9. Shadrach George dijo:

    Hey i dont agree pep retrieve haaland to protect messis record. 😒😐

  10. kadri erkal dijo:

    Keem ERKAL 776😅😅😮😮

  11. ApapunITU!!! dijo:


  12. John Fitzalan dijo:

    Ahhh yes the champions league currently without the top team from the UK, Spain, and Germany.

  13. Pietro Esposito dijo:

    nice I also liked this video you made on the teams that managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League as a Napoli fan I can only be happy with the draw that put Milan in front of us but only because as an Italian I tell you this we know Milan as a team and we know what to expect from them finally then I'm sorry but a comment on all the mess that Chelsea and Manchester City fans made I have to do it I really didn't like it because they said the draw was rigged it was piloted but do the favor it's a lot the draw of the groups is more controlled where, just to give an example, the rule is not understood because two teams from the same nation cannot cross paths, then the fans of Chelsea and Manchester City said they paved the way for us to the final but maybe because first we are only in the quarters and we have yet to get there second and last if they think it is So easy to face those who have won the Champions Cup seven times trying to play against them who are already starting to try to put pressure on us by saying that the twenty-three points behind in the championship it doesn't matter that in the cup everything is reset because they know it even abroad this is how Milan behaves when they are afraid of the opponent they try to demotivate him psychologically.

  14. wonder struck dijo:

    NFWorld야..이거 인형으로 만들어 팔면 대박일 것 같아.
    케인이 닭인형 들고 산시로 갔다가 얻어 맞는 모습은 감동이었어.

  15. Masked teenager dijo:

    At first, I had some thoughts that Pep substituted Haaland on purpose
    Well… It's probably the first thing I've predicted about football correct so I'm happy a bit😅

  16. BHSK dijo:

    Pep Guardiola more like pepe gruntiola


    The first time of Naples at quarter final of champions League

  18. Enzo Polidoro dijo:

    Beatiful….naples champion 🏆

  19. Noowe B Roland dijo:

    My best sound will always be "okei" 😂😂

  20. Harikrishnan J dijo:

    Liverpool is a school team for Real Madrid 😂😂❤

  21. 성이름 dijo:

    4강은 레알 뮌헨 인테르밀란 나폴리가 아닐까!?

  22. Sub to me and I sub back dijo:


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